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ALIVEinfo App

The ALIVEinfo app is a powerful tool that will help you to promote what you sell and the services you provide to your customers. It will capture people’s attention with this new cutting-edge technology. Your customers can download this app for free on Google Play or the App Store. You need to register your image on this website. A registered image can be printed on a leaflet, business card, label, or catalogue and when your customer scans this image through their phone, it will display a video, or a slideshow video, and it will also link to a website. This technology is called Augmented Reality.

Show your customers:

  • What you sell
  • The specials you are offering
  • What you manufacture
  • How to assemble and install your products
  • The property you are selling, or leasing
  • Where you are located
  • Your latest menu and how to order your food
  • The kind of service you supply
  • The help you can provide
  • What percentage is Australian made

Working with Power2Print we can help you by printing the leaflets, business cards, labels, or catalogues for you. Visit or phone 1800 LABELS (1800 522 357) or email

How the ALIVEinfo App works!

  • Register an image of an item you want to promote. It could be a property you want to sell or lease; or any item you manufacture or sell.
  • Scan the registered image using the FREE ALIVEinfo App
  • View a video or photo presentation of what you are promoting
  • A voice message can also be added
  • You can link to a website giving more information

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Download the FREE App and scan the business card and the picture of the house see what the App can offer.

The image must registered in order to have the scanning ability.

Promote your business in a whole new way! For example, customers could scan your logo, a business card, or a flyer to see a video presentation of your products or services. Then they could click on a link so visit your website of your current specials.

You could also have your customers scan an image of a product which then shows them video instructions of how to assemble or install the product.

Scan this business card
Get the ALIVEinfo app on your phone

The ALIVEinfo App is FREE & will help you in marketing what you do and what you sell.

Scan this house

Real Estate Agents can use the ALIVEinfo App to quickly give customers a video presentation of a property for sale or lease. This could be anything from a walkthrough to a slideshow. It also has a link to your website so they can find out more information.

Business Marketing

We can offer your business a range of products and services that will help you with marketing and selling.

3 ways you can use the App to promote your business

PromoteClear visual description of what you manufacturer, the service you provide, or what you sell.

InstructA visual presentation that will help people to assemble and install products they purchase from you.

Keep informedMonthly specials you want to offer to your customers.

Ready to connect your printed advertising with the digital world?

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Graphic Copy Media Pty. Ltd, the company behind Power2Print, is committed to helping Australian businesses succeed and prosper. We can offer you a range of products and services that will help you with marketing and selling.

ALIVEinfo App

Download the ALIVEinfo App for FREE and watch printed advertisements come alive!

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